Mid Levels Escalator: The World’s Longest Escalator

There’s always a party in the evening at the Hong Kong Mid Level’s Escalator.  It’s the world’s largest outdoor escalator system. The escalators will take you up through Hong Kong’s exclusive mid levels district.  You’ll find lots to see, do and eat along the escalators which take you all the way up to the top of the residential district.  The Mid Levels hosts a plentiful number of serviced apartments in this area to suit tourists who want a longer stay in Hong Kong.

The escalators only travel one way at a time.  From 6am to 10pm they travel in a downward direction to aid the flow of pedestrian traffic.  From 11am-midnight the escalators change direction travelling up the hill.  You should also know that the escalators stop at midnight, meaning it will be a slow walk up if you stay out late.

Source: Geobeats/Youtube


Our insiders say:

  • It’s always easier to travel beyond your destination and walk back than navigate the steep hills up
  • Check the times before travelling, go downhill before 10am
  • The escalators stop at midnight, so if you’re partying late consider other forms of transport up the hill.



You can join the escalators at 100 Queens Road Central, or take the walkways from the Western side of IFC Mall walking towards the Hang Seng Bank Building. There are multiple places to join the esclators on the way up the hill.

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