The Cat Street Market at Upper Lascar Row

Upper Lascar Row. Photo credit: Jmschws/Wikimedia Commons
Upper Lascar Row. Photo credit: Jmschws/Wikimedia Commons

Market-loving tourists love Upper Lascar Row for its Chinoiserie – European chinese-styled goods and more than a Chairman Mao or two. 

Porcelain figurines, mass produced but with an antique look can be found here.  You’ll find mirrors, antique electric fans, precious stones, watches and coins.  Vases from the Qing dynasty are also here as well as old newspapers and calendars.  It’s a time capsule full of ancient Chinese mystery and intrigue.  And of course, it’s the place for everything Mao –  you’ll find Mao statues, posters, paperweights, watches and clocks here… but locals love it for an entirely different reason.

Insiders will tell you that Upper Lascar Row is a treasure trove for rarities, but you need to look deeper than it’s Mao surface.  You see, Upper Lascar Row is known colloquially as “Cat” Street as because it has historically sold stolen goods, known as ‘mouse’ goods in Chinese.  Take time to look past the kitcsch and you’ll uncover all sorts of things from vintage postcards and photographs.  Unique curios abound.

The market itself is an institution of Hong Kong and it’s been around for over 100 years, if you’re really lucky you’ll take something home that’s really special.  You’ll find it Monday through Saturday at the corner of Upper Lascar Row and Tung Street, open from 11-6pm


Insiders will tell you:

  • Pack your walking shoes; avoid hard soled sandals for this walk
  • Unless you’re a fitness fanatic always walk down rather than up – access Upper Lascar Row from Hollywood Road
  • Respect the stallholders and they’ll look after you; always ask before taking photographs
  • Spend time seeking out unique memorabilia and vintage wares
  • Most antiques here are reproductions




Upper Lascar Row runs horizontally to Hollywood Road and Lok Ku Road on Hong Kong Island.  To get there easily take the Mid Levels Escalator and exit at Hollywood Road.  Turn right and walk past all the antiques shops until you get to street number 179 (currently “My Gallery Arts and Antiques”).  Take the stairs down to the next cross street, which is Upper Lascar Row.



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