Insider tips for reaching The Peak

A visit to the Peak features on the itinerary of most first-time Hong Kong visitors and for good reason. The Peak is one of Hong Kong’s most famous tourist attractions, offering 360 degree views from the top of Hong Kong Island.  If you want photographs of spectacular Victoria Harbour views then this is the place to get them.

A view of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour taken from The Peak
Victoria Harbour as seen from The Peak. Source: Maxfield/Wikimedia Commons.

Apart from the Sky Terrace – a 360 degree viewing platform offering some of the best views of Hong Kong, there is much more to delight and interest visitors.  Access to the Sky Terrace can be purchased with a tram ticket or in person once you reach Peak Tower.

Just across the road is the Peak Galleria (notably missing from The Peak’s official website) and perhaps omitted for good reason.  The Peak Galleria Shopping Centre just across the road from Peak Tower has free viewing platforms offering a similar (but somewhat less comprehensive view) of the city, for free!  For visitors who want to visit HK on the cheap, the Peak Galleria shopping centre observation decks provide a stunning view of the HK skyline, oftentimes without the crowds seen at the Sky Terrace.

Hong Kong Peak Tram at Victoria Peak
Many visitors take the Peak Tram as a cheap source of travel to the Peak. Source: Filzstift/Wikimedia Commons

Most visitors take The Peak Tram as a cheap form of transport to the top of Victoria Peak, but this can be a big time waster.  Often queues at the Peak Tram Terminal in Central snake for up to 3-4 hours during peak period, and the wait to get down can be equally unrewarding.  This is a real time trap for tourists who need to move quickly.  For faster options take a taxi or bus to the top. A taxi trip will whisk you up the hill from the Star Ferry terminal to the Peak Galleria and it will cost you less than $HK100 (US$13).  For a more spectacular view on the way up try the Number 15 Bus from outside the Star Ferry terminal on HK Island.  The bus will wind all the way up to the peak giving you amazing glimpses of Hong Kong living on the way up.


Insiders will tell you about The Peak:

  1. Avoid The Peak tram unless it’s a must on your itinerary; the trip is short and the queues are often time consuming
  2. Try a taxi or a 15 Bus from the Star Ferry for an equally interesting ride to the top
  3. While you’re there try Cafe Deco in the Peak Galleria; with a varied menu and great views it’s something not to miss
  4. The Observation Decks at the Peak Galleria are absolutely free and often less crowded than The Peak Tower’s Sky Terrace.


Where is The Peak?

The Peak is located at the top of Hong Kong Island.  You can take the Peak Tram from Central, the 15 Bus from the Star Ferry Terminal (HK side) or one of HK’s quick, efficient and clean taxis.  Just say “take me to the Peak”.




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