Gough Street Eats

Gough Street was historically known for its printing presses, but these days you’re more likely to see noses pressed against the windows of boutique shops or Michelin guide restaurants. Here’s a quick guide to what you can enjoy in the Gough Street precinct.

Shugetsu offers handmade Ramen noodles about twelve different ways. There’s nearly always line-up but it moves because most patrons are in and out in less than 30 minutes.  Quick service and a Happy Hour that stretches from 3-8pm, makes this an ideal destination for a quick bite before you tackle Hong Kong’s nightlife. You’ll probably pay between $100-150 per head.

Shanghai Lane is the choice for vegetarians, with its wide variety of meat-free menu. Unlike some branches of this popular chain, the staff on Gough Street speak English and the service is very good. Expect to pay about $150 per head.

Sama is your pick if you like your dishes hot. At this Japanese-style curry house, you customize the heat of your dish – from one (not spicy) to 35 (pretty hot).  If you eat your entire dish at level 35, then your polaroid makes it onto the Sama Wall of Fame.  They also have a good selection of Japanese whiskey and beer. You can expect to pay between $100-200 per head.

Kau Kee is famous for a beef brisket noodle soup, Guangdong style. It is quite a tourist place after appearing in several Hong Kong guidebooks, and there’s often a lengthy queue for service. There are no reservations for this restaurant which opens from 12.30pm until about 10.30pm every day except Sunday.


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