Catching the view while you shop at IFC Mall

In the heart of Central IFC Mall sits underneath the towers of the International Finance Center. Inside you’ll discover a million ways to part with your money. What you may not know is that IFC Mall is not just about the shopping.

IFC Mall has a rooftop garden where you can escape the hustle-and-bustle of shop assistants, checkout lines and wall to wall people – to step back and enjoy the view of Victoria Harbour.

You will find it easily by taking the escalators up from the Oval Atrium – or via another set next to Lane Crawford. You need to go all the way to the top.

If you enjoy the view there are a number of ways you can extend your stay. You could extend it with a drink at Isola Bar. For a few dollars, you can enjoy a cocktail and the view. If you are hungry you can then disappear downstairs to Isola Grill where you can enjoy the views with your meal, from their luxurious outdoor terrace.

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